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Interracial Merchandise, Gifts and Services

Celebrate the Child
– Owned by Martha Osborne, an adoptee and an adoptive mom of 5 daughters from China and Korea, and a proud stepmother of 3 wonderful young men. She is also the founder of, an online magazine advocating for the waiting child.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
– Children’s & Young Adult Books with Interracial Themes, children’s book author Cynthia Leitich Smith has put together a wonderful bibliography covering books for all age groups.

Gumbo Kids
– Conceptualized products that would be representative of all kids from all backgrounds that are awesome on their own, but are stronger, smarter, and more creative when surrounded by others whose differences bring something special to the circle.

iMelting Pot
– Features artwork, clothing, jewelry, greeting cards, house-wares, accessories and other products that depict people of all ethnicities and abilities, to celebrate diversity and encourage unity.

Interracial Club of Buffalo
– Sells interracial, multiracial, and multicultural merchandise and other items geared toward interracial couples, mixed-race people, and individuals and families who have adopted transracially and/or internationally.

– A web site for both multiracial people and interracial couples who gather annually for cruise vacations.

Mandy’s Moon
– On-line source for unique products featuring kids of all races, and specialty items for adoptive and multicultural families

Mayan Traditions
– we sell fair trade products made in Guatemala. Each month, a portion of our sales goes to support a hogar (orphanage) in Guatemala. The orphanage changes each month.

Melting Pot Gifts
– Melting Pot Gifts is a gift store that provides quality products including line of greeting cards, books and videos reflects the changing picture of families in interracial relationships.

Multicultural Kids
– Providing quality multicultural materials to preschool and elementary school-age children in the home and classroom.  We are committed to providing fun, informative and diverse materials, which can be used to increase a child’s knowledge of him/herself and others.

Multicultural Store
– We offer quality multicultural items perfect for new parents in multicultural families, and great items for multiethnic children. Our products are perfect for parents interested in beginning their child on the right foot with positive self-esteem and ethnic appreciation.

Yammi Wear
– Grown from just making clothes to making cultural items that kids will treasure forever. Wonderful gifts for any adopted child, person from another country, or even an American. Yammi Wear donates 15% of all sales to various orphanages in Cambodia.

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