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Family Help

Online Resources for Interracial Families

African and Asian American Unity
– Articles, reviews, relationship stories, event listings, community forums, polls, gift ideas, screensavers, quotes, etc., of interest to African and Asian Americans.

Biracial Kids
– This site is geared primarily towards teens and parents of mixed or trans-racially adopted children.

Center for the Study of Bi-racial Children
– Produces and disseminates materials for and about interracial families and biracial children, provides advocacy, training and consulting.

ColorQ World
– A space where people of color and friends share perspectives and exchange experiences.

– An association organized by wives of Nigerian men in Japan. Japanese women married to Nigerians do not have a common interacting ground, but with the help of HANON members are able to know each other, exchange information, support themselves to make happy homes in Japan and Nigeria in the future.

– A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization interested in the well-being and development of children and adults who are of more than one racial or ethnic heritage. We seek to create a more tolerant society by educating ourselves, our children, and our community, about interracial and intercultural identity.

Interracial Family Alliance of Houston
– A nonprofit organization whose mission is, through education and fellowship, to affirm the dignity, equality, and acceptance of every racial group and to serve the interracial family and multi-racial individual.

Interracial Family Circle (IFC), Washington, DC Metro Area Chapter.
– We are a group of individuals and families dedicated to providing a community for multiracial families, couples and individuals.

Inter-racial Families in Fellowship
– An informal sharing and support community for interracial families including African American, bi-ethnic, multiethnic, and/or European American children.

Interracial Family Network of Seattle-King County
– An organization formed to support interracial families and their children, offering an assortment of family, community and internet resources.

Interracial World
– This organization is attempting to bring all Interracial Couples together to set up a beginning of a big movement, to create a strong community which could provide support and give advice to those who need it

Mixed Folks
– The purpose of Mixed Folks is to celebrate your multiracial heritage. I try to provide information that multiracial people will find relevant and interesting.

Mixed Mama
– Online resource for mothers with multiracial children. We understand that you view your parenting from a unique viewpoint as well as having the same goals and aspirations for your child as any other parent.

The Multiracial Activist
– Believes that biracial/multiracial people, interracial couples/families, and transracially adopted individuals have unique needs that cannot be met by traditional civil rights groups who tend to brush off our community or denigrate us. We need to handle our own affairs.

Multiracial Family Circle
– The purpose of the MFC is to provide opportunities for education, support, and socialization for multiracial individuals, families, people involved in interracial relationships, and transracial adoption families.

Polly Wanna Cracka?
– Internet resource for interracial relationships devoted to presenting quality web sites regarding interracial, multiracial, and multicultural families, relationships, organizations, and topics.

Project Race
– Project RACE advocates for multiracial children and adults through education, community awareness and legislation. Our main goal is for a multiracial classification on all school, employment, state, federal, local, census and medical forms requiring racial data.

Race Relations @
– Websites and information on all issues of interracial dating, marriage and families including support groups and organizations.

– Aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural couples. Through a Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program, various social events, and educational lectures and discussions, Swirl will be a meeting place for members of the mixed community to celebrate and explore their heritages.

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