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Books Dealing with Asian Black/ Blasian/ Multiracial Heritage

Country of Origin – by Don Lee.  Lisa Countryman vanishes in Tokyo, but no one seems to be in a particular hurry to find her. The mystery of her disappearance is intertwined with the mystery of her origins as an ainoko, or half-breed. For Lisa, who is half African American and half Asian, alienation and belonging, love and hate, are bound up with race.

Dim Sum for Everyone – On a visit to a bustling dim sum restaurant, a family picks their favorite little dishes from the steaming trolleys filled with dumplings, cakes, buns, and tarts. Dim Sum for Everyone! celebrates a cultural custom and a universal favorite activity–eating!

Jade – by Marcia King Gamble. About a girl who is half Vietnamese and black. While that war may have ended, its legacy remains. Bi-racial adults are still searching for their roots today, and try to make sense of the label, “Children of the Dust”.

Two Mrs. Gibsons – Author Toyomi Igus’s tender and touching tribute to the two most important women in her life, her Japanese mother and her African American grandmother.

Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White – Wu explores black-Asian, black-white and white-Asian interactions, combining legal history, personal anecdotes, and historical context. Frank Wu unflinchingly describes the racial prejudice of Asian Americans who prefer marrying white to marrying black .

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